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Paul Magdalino


1. (with Clive Foss) Rome and Byzantium  (Oxford, 1976): four of six chapters.

*2. Tradition and Transformation in Medieval Byzantium (Aldershot, 1991): reprints of 13 articles (indicated by [R] below) plus one first publication.

3. (ed.) The Perception of the Past in Twelfth-Century Europe (London, 1992) pp.x+240.

4. The Empire of Manuel I Komnenos, 1143-1180  (Cambridge, 1993), pp.xxvi+527, winner of the 1993 Runciman Award.

5. (ed.) New Constantines: the Rhythm of Imperial Renewal in Byzantine History, 4th-13th Centuries (Aldershot, 1994) pp.x+312.

6. Constantinople médiévale. Études sur  l'évolution des structures urbaines, Travaux et Mémoires, Monographies 9 (Paris, 1996) pp.117; Serbian translation, Belgrade 2001.

7. The Byzantine Background to the First Crusade, Canadian Institute of Balkan Studies (Toronto, 1996) pp.38

8. (ed. with D. Ricks) Byzantium and the Modern Greek Identity  (Aldershot, 1998) pp.x+187

9. (ed.) Byzantium in the Year 1000 (Leiden, 2003), pp. xx+284


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11. (ed. with Maria Mavroudi) The Occult Sciences in Byzantium (Geneva, 2007) pp. 468.


12. Studies on the History and Topography of Byzantine Constantinople (Variorum, Ashgate, Aldershot 2007): revised English version of no. 6 + 9 reprinted articles [R] + 2 new publications.